Women and Water Coming Together 2019 Symposium

Thirty years ago, Anishinaabe teacher, Maryellen Baker, had a dream in which she was called to help to spread the Anishinaabe teachings with others. Her work began with creating a center for wellness, and has become more urgent as all of us have witnessed the pollution of the waters. Water is life, and it is the role of women to protect and bless the water, and the role of men to support women in that work. This site is where you can find the 2019 - 24 Hour Broadcast of Music and Video on Saturday June 1st, 2019 in support of the 2019 Women and Water Coming Together Symposium for 2019.

Join IndianCountryTV in the broadcasting of 24 hours of music and presentations. Go to Spirit of the Water for more information on the scheduling of events.


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