Standing Rock #NoDAPL / Water Protectors Video Stack

This stack of videos are selected and edited videos filmed at and near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. The video stack will include several current and older videos regarding the actions to protect the water from the Dakota Access Pipeline Project funded by $2.5 Billion in banking investment equity borrowed by the Dakota Access Corporation and Energy Transfer Partners owned by Texas Billionaire Kelcy Warren and funded mainly by foreign banking interests.

The Narrative for Each Video will be found just below each segment highlighted. Several videos go back as far as September 2nd, 2016, and more will be added as events continue in a chronology of video timeline events. The newest released videos will be added to the top of this stack.

(NOTE - links to Financial Institutions Funding Dakota Access at #NoDAPL Solidarity, the Mississippi #noDAPL fight Mississippi Stand and Honor The Earth Foundation.)

CONTACT INFORMATION FOR THE 17 BANKS THAT ARE Bankrolling the Dakota Access Pipeline.

CONTACT INFORMATION GOVERNORS, LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AT STANDING ROCK and Other Agencies sending police officers and military equipment to be used agains Water Protectors:  CONTACT LIST FOR THOSE SENDING POLICE TO NORTH DAKOTA.

In regard to #NoDAPL Call ND Governor 701-328-2200, White house 202-456-1111 and/or 202-456-1414, DC Switchboard to get white House 202-224-3121. Be prepared with 3-5 second clip of your comment when calling the Governor. The White House 1414 # will get you a person and they will hang up on you when you tell them why you are calling, but do it anyway and call again.

Morton County Law Enforcement continue to lie about weapons they used against US Citizens.

Winter settles in at Oceti Sakowin

The man behind the Dakota Access Pipeline is used to getting his way

November 2016 The Stand at Standing Rock: Standing Rock's position on the Dakota Access Pipeline proposal

11/26/2016 The Whole World is Watching Standing Rock

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11/25/2016: DAPL workers building razor wire fence on Turtle Hill, top and bottom of bottom land.

EXCLUSIVE: DAPL Builds Razor Wire Wall On and Around Native Burial Ground #NoDAPL  This land is held by the United States Government in the name of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Posted 11/25/2016 Narrative on the shooting of Sophia Wilansky

EXPOSED: Oil Police Lies About Maiming Sophia Wilansky's Arm #NoDAPL

Published Nov. 17th, 2016  Donald Trump has $2 Million invested in Dakota Access

11/20/2016  Morton County uses water canons/rubber bullets on Water Protectors

Morton County Sheriff spokesman Rob Keller told NBC that no water cannons were used Sunday night and water was only deployed to put out fires set by #NoDAPL water protectors.

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11/20/2016 Arial View of Police spraying Front Lines with water canons, rubber bullets and tear gas canisters

11/20/2016 Police dousing Water Protectors at the Front Lines

BARBARIC Dakota Access Oil Police Cause Mass Hypothermia #NoDAPL  WARNING-- GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

11/20/2016: Another View and report of Morton County Law Enforcement only using water to put out fires on Nov. 20th, 2016.

William Hawk Birdshead on the front lines. Shot in the back with rubber bullet.  DAPL thugs spraying freezing waters with water cannon in below freezing temperatures and shooting percussion grenades into people.  Please pray for our water protectors.

11/16/2016: Dakota Access moves drill into place the night of Nov. 15th, 2016.

11/12/2016 Pipeline owner laughing in Obama's face.

Posted 11/12/2016 - Video Confirms Morton County/DAPL wanted Praire Fire to remain burning despite BIA Fire Crews and Law Enforcement nearby. State would not allow BIA to move out of Standing Rock Jurisdiction to assist.

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11/10/2016 DAPL builds military compound for drilling pad

Dakota Access builds militarized construction site, with 12ft. high hesco walls, razor wire and spotlights, to protect oil pipeline from water protectors. Heavy armed military, police, and mercenaries patrol the site 24/7. Highway 1806 bridge, just north of Oceti Sakowin Camp, continues to be blocked by dozens of police with Bearcat armored vehicles, LRAD's, and snipers. [North Dakota, 11/10/16]

11/10/2016 The White Buffalo is caged

While Buffalo caged, DAPL pipeline free to desecrate sacred land
#PETA #Ocetisakowin #mniwiconi #NoDAPL #iCNNreport #digitalsmokesignals #SacredStonecamp #freethebuffalo

11/6/2016 Water Protectors breach police and reach shoreline of Turtle Hill (A Burial Site)

Law enforcement in Morton County responded to protesters attempting to advance onto U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property on 11-6-16. During this event, protesters used mirrors to blind officers and to put out fires started from tear gas canisters. Protesters used boats, horses and swam across the creek. Take special note of the instructions / warnings officers gave to protesters who were on the bridge.

11/6/2016 Water Protectors make it to beachhead of Turtle Hill

#NoDAPL Water Protectors Tear Gassed by Police During Attempt to Reclaim Sacred Burial Site from Unicorn Riot on Vimeo.

11/5/2016 Drones over #NoDAPL

“I am protecting my homeland as a drone pilot. The role I play is eyes of the sky."

11/3/2016 Clergy being arrested in Bismarck, North Dakota Nov. 3rd, 2016

Over 524 clergy members have joined Standing Rock today and many have come to the North Dakota capital to hold a prayer vigil. Share with friends and join us in prayer or record a video with #whyistand to tell us why you support #standingrock. #NoDAPL

11/2/2016 Water Protectors are maced while standing in the water.

The Morton County police department and their mercenary allies working for Dakota Access and their billionaire owners have lost, if they every had one, their social license. It is clear, the Dakota Access pipeline will never being completed under the current situation in which one small county has now spent over $10 million to support a private multi-national corporation on unceded, historic Indian lands.

10/31/16 49 Minute radio program hosted on Wisconsin Public Radio Host Joy Cardin and News From Indian Country / editor Paul DeMain Regarding Standing Rock #NoDAPL.  Hundreds of people from Indian nations around the country and non-native supporters including former Vice President Al Gore and Rev. Jesse Jackson have joined the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s attempt to block construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. Join us for an conversation about the latest news on the controversy surrounding...

10/27/2016 Hennepin County police protecting and serving Dakota Access.


10/27/2016 Unicorn Riot video of North Dakota police riot.

 Today, police and military forces under command of the North Dakota Tactical Operations Center violently attacked water protectors on Highway 1806. The Oceti Sakowin (7 council fires of Sioux nations) insist this is unceded land under 1851 treaties. Armed forces were deployed today in an attempt to force indigenous people to allow Dakota Access Pipeline construction on their treaty lands. Many brutal arrests took place and countless people are being treated at a triage center at main camp due to injuries inflicted by law enforcement. Water protectors are still active in the area and military police operations against them are ongoing. #NoDAPL

 10/27/2016 LIVE FEED at 3:06 pm CST from Standing Rock Highway 1806 during today's police raid.


10/27/2016  Police Move on Dakota Access Line Protest Camp (NOW)

10/26/2016 What are you conditioning me for?


What Are You Conditioning Me For? - STANDING ROCK - DAPL PIPELINE, Free Press is a Great Idea, someone should write that down somewhere...  We deserve Transparency. Without it, it just feels like conditioning. You can't just say it's true, and if it pisses you off I'm saying this, then let the People's Press in there without arresting all of them.  What are you hiding? What are you afraid of? Posted by Tyler Warren

#10/25/2016  Dakota Access Pipeline work heads southeast to the Missouri River.


Video shot by Myron Dewey. 14 minute drone view of Highway 1806 roadway blockade and pipeline work protected by police as it is running towards the river. This is the same site that Dakota Access Pipeline workers first jumped to on September 23 when the dogs were used by security and desecrated historical and sacred sites of the Standing Rock Tribe.

10/24/2016  The Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers is a Threat to Democracy

Award-winning filmmaker Josh Fox joins us to discuss the arrest of fellow filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, who is charged with three felonies for filming an act of civil disobedience in which climate activists manually turned off the safety valves to stop the flow of tar sands oil through pipelines spanning the U.S. and Canada. "These people are not accessories to the crime, they are the media," Fox says. "This is a constitutionally protected activity." Schlosberg was the producer of Fox’s recent documentary, "How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change."


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10/24/2016 Onsite vs Police Fed News Report on "Riot"

CHECK OUT the latest from #StandingRock in this video from Belly of the Beast comparing the mainstream media narrative (which is not based on original reporting and instead parrots press releases from the #MortonCounty Sheriff's Department) and the reality on the ground. WOWT 6 News vs What Really Happened. Posted by Reed Lindsay

10/24/2016  Side by Side description of Morton County claims of protectors charging them, etc. and other fabricated scenarios to bait the media. 

I remember seeing a video of this incident and the cop with the pepper spray went up to an individual and pushed him around trying to get him to respond -- then turned around and went back and sprayed the same man -- then claimed the water protector had charged at him.

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10/24/2016 - 127 Indigenous protectors were arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing on private property while protesting the construction of an oil pipeline.

Water protectors claim the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is planned to go through indigenous territory, could contaminate their drinking water and disturb burial grounds.

Award winning journalist Maria Hinojosa visited the Standing Rock to speak with protectors and learn more.

"The presidential candidates don't even mention Native Americans in their speeches," said Tara Houska, a national campaign director for Honor the Earth. "We are not even a thought." More video here:

10/23/2016 - Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman pledges additional support to road/pipeline blockade

Posted by Wanda DuBray
CRST Chairman Harold Frazier, speaking by the frontline today, continuing the stand against DAPL. Calling all people. ♡

10/23/2016 - First shots fired by Law Enforcement at Drone's

Video Evidence Of Shots Fired at Native Media Drones. You can see officers discharging their firearms at the end of the video. #NoDAPL

Please contact Morton County Sheriffs office and ask them to cease and desist aggressive actions against independent media and people gathered in prayer to protect their waters. Dr0ne2bwild Photography & Video #MniWiconi

10/23/2016  -  Kandi Mossett, Tara Houska, and Dallas Goldtooth present an update.

Call to action on the situation at Standing Rock, North Dakota – where thousands of Indigenous water protectors and allies are defending sacred lands from desecration by the Dakota Access Pipeline in the face of police brutality and arrest.

Filmed live at the Bioneers 2016 Conference on October 23, 2016.

10/22/2016 - Woman Arrested For Trespassing On Her Own Property October 22nd, 2016.

Dakota Access Pipeline started ripping through her family's farm leaving her in tears. She never gave up her land - and yet they showed up and arrested her for trespassing on her own property.

10/14/2016 - What a Windy Day at Standing Rock camps look like


10/12/2016 - Mark Tilsen request for Mobilization

I am asking everyone skilled in Civil Disobedience and Non-Violent Direction action to come to Standing Rock. Beginning Monday October 17th we are calling for a month of action to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. We need to stop the pipeline now! We are winning. This pipeline will not be built. Please repost and share everywhere!
- Shot and edited by Cody Lucich, Produced by Benalex Dupris


#10/8/2016 - Why Does Dakota Access have such a tight relationship with Police?

"We are going strong here at the camp. Stopping DAPL construction with non-violent direct action! The temporary injunction has been lifted, now DAKOTA ACCESS has the right to finish the job at all locations up to the river. When they come, WE WATER PROTECTORS WILL BE READY!! WATER IS LIFE FOR MNI WICONI.
#waterislife #NoDAPL
Credited Photos & videos by: Desiree Kane, Johnny Dangers, Myron Dewey & google pics!!
Music By: A Tribe Called Red

10/7/2016  - The Mississippi Waterway and why the Dakota Access Pipeline is everybody's concern

Mississippi River Watershed from NASA. This amazing animated map shows every river that flows into the Mississippi River.

9/26/2016 - We are still here

On September 20, 2016 Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault II addressed the United Nations Human Rights.

9/23/2016 - "The Movement begin with the Youth of Standing Rock"

We are proud to present "Standing Strong" a short film by our relatives over at Indigenous Environmental Network and Indigenous Rising. They are the team of native photographers, videographers, and drone operators creating a lot of the content out here in the front lines. Please enjoy and share worldwide.

9/14/2016 They are pointing out and arresting members of the press

Yesterday Unicorn Riot journalists were targeted and arrested for covering a non-violent direct action that halted Dakota Access Pipeline work for the day in Morton County North Dakota.

9/12/2016  - Mauna Kea Stands With Standing Rock

Hawaiian Indigenous leader Pua Case and her ohana travelled from the Big Island all the way to #OcetiSakowin camp to stand with Standing Rock —connecting the movement to protect Mauna Kea with our movement to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. Together we stand in solidarity.   Video produced by Indigenous Environmental Network.

9/2/2016 - As uncomfortable as it is to think about, this country was built on the back of a genocide...



Website for #NoDAPL Solidarity and information on Dakota Access Financing Institutions

Website for Honor The Earth / HONOR with updates and information: Honor The Earth Foundation

Website for Information on Iowa Pipeline Opposition and Events : Mississippi Stand

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