Menominee Nation opposes Back Forty sulfide mining project

VIDEO STACK: The Menominee Nation held a forum "Remembering Our Ancestors" for people opposing the "Back Forty" project by Canadian owned investment company, Aquila Resources on Thursday September 22nd, 2016. Included on this page are videos recorded that day of speakers from the tribe and the environmentally friendly "Front 40"  group along with supporters on the historic significance of the Menominee River, the specific site the project is proposed for and the historic homelands of the Menominee Nation.

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With backing for $280 million in start-up equity, Aquila Resources has obtained preliminary permits to proceed with their project alongside and under the Menominee River along the eastern border of Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula. The deposit is characterized as a deposit rich in Gold and Zinc and the $280 million in start-up funding according to company projections, is expected to be paid back in the first 14 months of the 16 year project.

The Menominee Nation vehemently opposes the mine, and a proposed footing of the project would destroy numerous burial mounds, ancient village sites, dance rings and other historic and culturally significant artifacts.  

Currently there is a Public Hearing scheduled for Thursday October 6th, 2016 from 6-10pm at the Stephenson High School in Stephenson, Michigan. Social Media Hashtag is #NOBACKFORTYMINE

VIDEO STACK of Speakers (17) Please link and share
#1 Honoring Our Ancestors -- who lived and loved their homelands and are still buried right here.
Opening Video is of David Overstreet , Gary Besaw and short narrative by Paul DeMain by burial mounds.

#2. Opening with Wade Fernandez  10:02

"They can't defeat the love we have in our hearts... so take care of each other, we can win"

#3. Blessing by David Grignon and Bear Clan Song by Wolf River Singers  9:10
"We have been through this before, with the Crandon Mine"


#4. Address by Menominee Nation Chairperson: Joan Delabreau  9:33
"There is not a safe mine, so this one will not be safe either"

#5. Stockbridge-Munsee Council Representative Joe Miller  5:27
"These types of infractions across Indian Country are unacceptable"

#6. Eric Chapman, Lac Flambeau Chippewa  2:07
"The Menominee have stood shoulder to shoulder with the Anishinabe"

#7. Fred Ackley, Mole Lake Sokaogon Chippewa
"So when I go to my grave, I know someone is going to carry on for me"

#8. John Teller, Menominee Nation  4:30
"First thing we did was offer some Sema to the water"

#9. Nahwahquaw / David Grignon, Menominee Nation Historic Preservation Office  9:40
"We did not give away the burials, we did not give away the mounds"

#10. Douglas Cox, Menominee Nation Legislature with Water Walkers  4:54
"We look at legislation that is in favor of industry, and not in favor of the public"

#11. Gary Besaw, Menominee Nation Legislature
with Water Walkers  9:25
"We need to keep fighting for what we know is right"

. Ada Deer, Menominee Nation   4:19
"All my relations, it does not mean just the humans"

#13. David Overstreet, Menominee Nation Archaeologist  6:06
"You're standing in the middle of the White Rapids Mound and Village site"

#14. Ron Henrickson, Front 40 Citizens Group
"No, No, No!"

5. Becky Alegria, Menominee Nation   6:50
"We are in the 7th generation and we are going to have a big responsibility"

#16. Al Gedicks, Wisconsin Resource Protection Council
"Fighting MDEQ's preliminary approval of this project on the basis of nothing what so ever"

#17. Burt Warrington, Menominee/Pottawatomi  3:40
"Our Ancestors were resourceful"


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