Old Ways, New Battles: Four Videos on Treaty Rights support of the Environment

Join Native American Educational Technologies, Inc (NAET) with a four segment, twenty-five minutes of video reviewing treaty battles that are helping preserve the pristine water and environment in Northern Wisconsin from mining, CAFOs, Pipelines and other activities dangerous to the clean water in our communities.

These four segments feature several of the many figures and people who have assisted in the battles to protect the environment. Figures like Harvard Economist Winona LaDuke, former Bad River Chair Mike Wiggins, Paul DeMain, Bad River elder Joe Rose, Dylan Jennings, Fred and Mike Tribble of Lac Courte Oreilles and others. Our thanks to the Forest County Potawatomi Foundation for assistance in producing this project.

#1. The Fight for Treaty Rights and Environment – 8min 33sec

#2. Harvest Education Learning Project (HELP) Camp - 9min 5sec

#3. Maple Syrup Production as Resistance and Sovereignty - 5min 18sec

#4. Wild Rice as Anishinabe Prophecy - 6min 19sec


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