Tribal foods showcased at New York Fancy Food Show by IAC

Billings, Montana (ICC) July 2010

The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) which directs the American Indian Foods (AIF) program, announced multi-tribal participation in the world’s largest food and beverage event held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, June 27-29th. The AIF is a critical economic program that recognizes and promotes the efforts of thousands of American Indian farmers and ranchers.

“Many AIF participating tribes stay true to their roots, producing foods that are grown the same way as they were hundreds of years ago,” said Nathan Notah, IAC’s American Indian Foods Program Director.

“Our shared connection to the land as American Indian Tribal members influences our collective social and spiritual well-being.  The AIF offers a chance to showcase what we produce from our pristine environments – the vast variety of delicious Indian foods, which each Tribe proudly displays through the AIF events around the world, such as Fancy Food,” finished Notah.

Several American Indian producers featured their products at the show, including:

*Lakota Foods featuring popcorn

*Native American Natural Foods showing Tanka Bars and Tanka Dogs

*Red Lake Nation Foods with wild rice and Walleye

*ugpiaq Inc. showing wild seafood and wild salmon

*Raven Seafoods showing smoked salmon and salmon jerky

*Umpqua Foods with jerky, meat sticks, and snacks

“This was an invaluable opportunity for American Indian growers and producers to celebrate their rich heritage through the international marketing of their organic and conventionally-grown food product lines.”

Foods from Native American Indians come from Tribes across the county and are grown on Native American land or produced in natural waters. AIF export foods include:

* Bison-Cranberry Energy Bars

* Assorted Row Crops

* Chilies

* Popcorn

* Wild Rice

* Fry Bread

* Produce

* Berries

* American Bison meat

* Seafood/fish

* Mushrooms

* Apples

* Cranberries

“The American Indian Foods program offers Tribal members the advantage of collective participation which leads to increased Tribal revenue and employment.”

American Indian Foods (AIF) is a program of the Intertribal Agriculture Council that began in 1998 under contract with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service. The partnership was developed as a platform for American Indian food businesses to showcase their products and share Tribal cultures with the world.

American Indian Foods come from coast to coast in the United States and are grown on the pristine lands of Native American Nations or raised in their natural waters. Many of these products are still harvested in ways defined hundreds of years ago. Native American communities are a close knit group as many of them gather families and friends together annually to harvest, celebrate, and give thanks.

The Intertribal Agriculture Council is a non-profit organization based in Billings, Montana, USA that supports American Indian agricultural programs throughout the United States.  The IAC and its affiliates export agricultural products around the world and represent more than 25 enterprises.

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