Navajo candidate urges voters to file complaints

By Felicia Fonseca
Flagstaff, Arizona (AP) November 2010

The woman seeking to be the Navajo Nation’s first female president says she won’t concede defeat until she knows for certain the tribal election was properly handled.

Election officials on the nation’s largest American Indian reservation say some precincts reported a shortage of ballots last week and ran out before more could be delivered.

Lynda Lovejoy’s campaign is urging voters who believe their rights were violated to file a complaint before the Nov. 12 deadline.

Unofficial results show Lovejoy received 47 percent of the vote while her opponent, Tribal Vice President Ben Shelly, had 52 percent.

Shelly and his running mate are among tribal officials facing charges in an investigation of slush funds. Shelly has pleaded not guilty and denied wrongdoing.