Tired of the extreme right and the extreme left? Vote for the Radical Centrist Party

Dear Editor,
Suppose that you went to vote for President and found out that you only had two choices: the leftwing candidate, and the rightwing candidate. Wouldn't you want another choice, or would you vote for the lesser of two evils ? Suppose that your two choices were Stalin and Hitler. The lesser of two evils would still be evil.
I have never been a fan of the  two-party system because I want as many choices as possible. I want a political party that avoids the extremes of far left socialism, and far right capitalism. I want a party that will try to decrease  the size and power of government. I want a political party that didn’t have anything to do with supporting dictators, denying women equal rights, slavery, segregation, the terrible treatment of American Indians, human experimentation, etc. I want more rights, and less government.
Since the two-party system isn’t for me I am going to try to create an online political party. The Radical Centrist Party should be online soon. If you are interested in my views you can read my recommended political party platform at:
On The Net:
We are looking for candidates now.
Chuck Mann,
Greensboro, North Carolina
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