Letter to the Editor: Global Governance and Assimilation: What a Strategy!

By J. “Kittoh” Stanley
May 2011

Assimilation is key to empire building and global governance.  Military force alone will not do it.

One of the strongest factors in making and maintaining an empire is “cultural superiority.” If the people being assimilated believe that their assimilators have a better way of life, they will gladly be assimilated. The modern Western culture of Materialism has superior technologies and economics that provide plenty of creature comforts.  This ignores the violence, destruction and suffering caused by the capitalist system which is essentially anti Nature.

Murray Koffler, a pharmacist, started Shoppers Drug Marts, the biggest retail drug stores in Canada back in 1962. He became a very wealthy man. Murray is part of Toronto’s affluent Jewish community and an ardent political Zionist. He raises and donates lots of money to help Israel where he also has a chain of drugstores called Super-Pharm.  He is so popular in Israel that they named some nuclear research equipment for him, the Koffler accelerator which helps Israel develop their own nukes. Of course, Murray paid for the accelerator.

One day in the early 1980’s, Murray noticed that in the city, many Indigenous were homeless and hungry. He wanted to do something to help assimilate Indigenous people into Canadian society.  He wanted Indigenous to have the same opportunities to succeed in business as “other Canadians.”

Murray then asked three of his most respected friends to help him set up an organization to help Indigenous become entrepreneurs and good capitalists.  Paul Martin Jr., Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Maurice Strong had plenty of ideas for Murray.

Paul Martin Jr. now former Liberal Prime Minister, is the son of Paul Martin Sr. Paul Sr., was also a high ranking Liberal politician in Ottawa. He was a successful businessman and good friend of Sam Bronfman, an early Jewish immigrant who made a fortune on booze.  Sam really didn’t care if nonJews drank themselves to death.

Paul Sr. helped Sam to become the first Jew in the Canadian Senate. Sam owned big whiskey makers Seagrams and many other lucrative holdings. The Bronfmans are Zionists and donate a lot of money to Israel.

Edgar Bronfman Jr. is Sam’s grandson.  Edgar Sr., while head of the World Jewish Congress introduced the idea of the Israeli wall to separate, confine and harass Palestinians.

In 2008, Canada’s Stockwell Day, then Conservative Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Israel's Avi Dichter, Minister of Public Security, signed a security agreement.

They plan to “share technology, information and personnel in border management and security; correctional services and prisons; immigration; money laundering [mostly theirs]; organized crime; terrorist financing and trafficking in persons.”

Edgar Jr. was interested in music and film so he bought Warner Music Group.  In January 2011, Chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. was convicted and fined for insider trading in a French court. 

Way to go, Ed!  Are these guys also pretending to be mentors and role models for Indigenous youth??

Murray’s third friend and advisor, the wizard and great manipulator, Maurice Strong is everywhere yet few people know about him.  We’ve written about him more than once because he keeps cropping up everywhere. He has his hand in just about EVERYTHING including Indigenous matters of great concern.

Mau was also good friends with the Martins.  He was an early mentor to Paul Jr. in the oil industry and an advisor to Prime Minister Paul in Ottawa.  In some circles, Mau is known as a great environmentalist.

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business CCAB According to their web site, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business CCAB was started by Murray Koffler in 1984.  Maurice Strong says that he was a co-founder in 1982 of then Canadian Council for Native Business. He was actively involved until 1987 and then remained quietly in the background for many years. He was on the board of governors in 2007. Mau has the ability to keep close tabs on many organizations and projects that he started.  He is amazing in a very sinister way.

CCAB sponsors annual golf tournaments and hosts gala dinners in Toronto and Calgary.  Is this their idea of “cultural superiority”?

As a non partisan non profit organization, their declared budget is just over $1 million. They say they get no core funding from government. All their money comes from corporations, program and event sponsorships and membership dues.

Their membership is quite a list of who’s who in Canadian business and includes Cameco, Shell, Enbridge Pipelines Inc., VIA Rail, the Great-West Life Assurance Company (part of Power Corp.), Raytheon Canada Ltd. and Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.  Their Seven Generations patrons include companies like BMO Financial, IBM and Syncrude.  Their boards of directors and governors include some big players in business and government.

CCAB claims, “This organization is but the conduit to the people and capital that leverage Aboriginal business in Canada.”

CCAB seeks out promising young Indigenous people, latching onto them when they are still only in high school.  CCAB then sponsors them through their education, about 85 students every year, grooming them for careers in business.

Isn’t this just a systematic method for assimilating Indigenous people into the mainstream Canadian capitalist materialistic society?  Assimilation was the colonial entities' plan from the outset.

CCAB People Profiles Indigenous people of Turtle Island had a lively and extensive trade for millenia before Contact. Yet we didn’t have money, banks or prisons. Individuals were not accumulating wealth.  A leader had to make sure each person had mocassins before he did. It was a disgrace for him to have while any of his own people had not. This is the opposite of the capitalist system which encourages profiting and hoarding at the expense of everyone else.

Many Indigenous walk in two worlds.  Can a person do this for the greater part of his/her life, and still be true to who he/she is?  Is this not a recipe for disaster and complete madness?

Everyone has to do something to provide for their families. For Indigenous people, the choices are often very limited. The land base to support traditional lifestyle is no longer there, having been taken over by colonialists who broke their word. Land, water and air are contaminated and polluted from resource extraction, energy development and manufacturing. Today, guys like Ron Jamieson, Mohawk from Six Nations, are wealthy while their own communities don’t even have safe drinking water.

Ron is the co-chair of CCAB. He’s been there for many years. Ron is a moneyman who retired a few years ago from banking. Now he sits on the board at OPA Ontario Power Authority and NWMO Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

Is he encouraging Indigenous communities to accept nuclear waste? There are rumours about storing some in an old mine near H.  Perish the thought but when crooks like the nuclear industrialists get desperate, they may secretly stash some of the deadly radioactive materials and nuclear bomb ingredients. Maybe they are already doing it!

Needless to say, there had to be someone at CCAB who is also upstream from Six Nations, polluting the Grand River. We found him right at the head of the table: founding co-chair of CCAB, Paul Summers, Chairman and CEO at Clemmer SteelCraft Technologies Inc. in Waterloo.

Clemmer SteelCraft makes custom tanks and pressure vessels for a broad range of industries, including petrochemical and nuclear. Their toxic chemical and metal waste water is dumped into the Grand River.

Nick Javor, bigshot VP of Corporate Affairs at Tim Horton’s always always brings the coffee and donuts when the CCAB board meets. Nick is a chemical engineer who makes Tim Horton’s coffee taste great. Tim Horton’s makes over $2.5billion in sales each year. They even have outlets in Nunavut. Who takes out the garbage though, eh?  Nick’s a director of CCAB like Gary Merasty.

Gary Merasty, a Cree from northern Saskatchewan, is Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility at Cameco Corporation. Cameco is one of Canada’s and the world’s biggest producers of uranium. Gary shrugs and says, “What me worry about nukes?”

Gary was a Saskatchewan MP AND Grand Chief of the Prince Albert Grand Council. He must have quite a collection of hats. He also likes to get on all kinds of boards and get his picture taken.

Kara Flynn is secretary for the CCAB board. In her day job she is Manager, Public Affairs at Syncrude Canada in Fort McMurray. She puts the spin on how great it is to work on the oil sands.  She’s behind some of those petrochemical workers tv ads that try to convince us how harmless their UNDERGROUND operations are.

Randy Swanson, CCAB director and a member of the Manitoba Métis Federation, is Vice President, Forestry & Aboriginal Services at Meyers Norris Penny MNP LLP in Winnipeg.  MNP are chartered accountants and business advisors. A management and training consultant, Randy “advises MNP clients in project management, planning and development, strategic planning, management and intergovernmental affairs.”

In April 2008 he was appointed by the Federal Government as one of ten trustees overseeing the First Nation Market Housing Fund, a $300 million trust established to “facilitate private ownership of homes by First Nations people on reserve lands.” Keep on smilin’, Randy!

There are many other people involved at CCAB including moneyman, Arden Buskell, President & COO First Nations Bank of Canada in Saskatoon and Jacques Plante, President of Nasittuq Corporation. Past board members include Steven Bearskin, Counsellor, Grand Council of the Crees in Ottawa and Kerry Hawkins, past CEO of Cargill Ltd. in Winnipeg.

CCAB put out a report in April, 2011 claiming, “Aboriginal small business owners are clearly optimistic about future revenue growth.”

Clint Davis is president and CEO of CCAB. In other words he’s the Aboriginal Posterboy and Front Man.  He said the survey conducted by Environics Research Group [a member of CCAB] found “successful Aboriginal businesses in all regions of Canada and many industry sectors.”

“It’s a very, very positive picture for Aboriginal entrepreneurs,” he said.

What world is he living in? We see many people struggling to get by.

Clint is a lawyer and a BMO banker.  He has worked for the feds at IAND and was a senior analyst at the Treasury Board Secretariat. 

According to the Calgary Herald article, “A surprising fact uncovered by the survey was how few Aboriginals take advantage of federal procurement policies designed to favour them, Davis said, suggesting that government may need to do more to promote such programs.”

Many nonNative people already have the impression that Indigenous are getting a free ride, special treatment.  This article only inflames that resentment and further divides people.  A handful of malleable aboriginal posterchildren are getting a lot of exposure.  Yet they live in glass cages.

The Rockefellers were the first to establish a global industry with the goal of eventual and inevitable world government. Mackenzie King and Maurice Strong were hand picked Canadian tools. The Global Governance agenda has been moved ahead by regional free trade agreements, development and foreign aid polices, fearmongering over the Environment and war mongering.

The problem with empire is that when it gets too big and powerful, its leaders and citizens become complacent.  Hedonism sets in and finally decay. This is what is happening today with pop and celebrity culture.

The corporate elitists need the resources of Turtle Island to carry out their plans. Indigenous communities are growing and rediscovering their roots.  Indigenous sovereigntists who cling to ancient ways are like sand in the engines of a smooth running empire. After the death of the rotten old system comes a New Beginning.

It’s already happening.

J. “Kittoh” Stanley writes for the blog eaglewatch.npogroups.org and the fully attributable article here can be found there.  She writes from near Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.