Annie Mae Timeline II - Jumping Bull


This item is a continuation of the Timeline from Part I.
Annie Mae with daughters



June 26, 1975:

Jumping Bull Compound Shootout.

(MOTIVE #9) According to FBI records the list of original suspects included: Those in Bold are closer associated with the Aquash case

1. Mike Anderson
2. Andrea Sky
3. Anna Mae Aquash (Annie Mae Pictou is her legal name in 1975)
4. Edgar Bear Runner
5. Frank Blackhorse (Frank DeLuca and many other aliases)
6. Jean Bordeaux
7. John Boyse
8. Dino Butler
9. Norman Charles
10. Jean Day
11. Jame Theadore Eagle
12. Leon Eagle
13. David Edwards
14. Lena Funston
15. Hobart Horse
16. Melvin Lee Houston
17. Donald Hudson
18. JoAnn LaDeaux
19. Theodore Lame
20. Beau Little
21. Richard Little
22. Wallace June Little
23. Wallace Little Sr.
24. David Sky
25. Donald Loud Hawk
26. Kenneth Loud Hawk
27. Russell Loud Hawk
28. Kelly Jean McCormick (Nilak Butler)
29. David Many Horses
30. Gerald Mousseau
31. Norman Brown
32. Delmar One Feather
33. Harwin One Feather
34. Leonard Peltier
35. Donald Gene Pourier
36. Dale Red Boy
37. Lawrence Red Shirt
38. Robert Robideaux
39. Wanda Siers
40. Dale Sheppard
41. Joe Stuntz
42. Unknown Male/FBI Protected
43. James War Bonnett
44. Wish Draper
46. John Star YellowWood (Dusty Nelson)
47. James Zimmerman
48. Harry David Hill (Mr. X)

NOTE: The FBI never did identify all those at the Jumping Bull compound and several listed here were later cleared of being there. Individual #48, Harry David (Mr. X) Hill was on the original list of subjects, but was later dropped from similar lists as this one displayed, which comes from FBI files. NFIC has re-added his name to this particular list which was the most comprehensive list we found in the FOI documents from the FBI reading room, less Hill's name. Harry David Hill was identified by Dino Butler, John Trudell and Vernon Bellecourt as the Mr. X behind the mask saying he was responsible for shooting the agents, an admission that is scoffed at by almost all AIM members.

Jean Day, Wallace June Little and (locate/cite) were three of several people provided immunity for their grand jury testimony in the ResMurs case. Day, who was 15 or 16 in 1975, and was one of several of Peltier's girlfriends at the time was also provided federal protection for a period after the shoot-out.

June 26, 1975:
(ResMurs) Joe Stuntz is killed by law enforcement officer Gerald Hill, according to Hill's own admission. Despite admissions from law enforcement officials, the death of Joe Stuntz remains a controversy which includes accusations that resident AIM members of the Jumping Bull compound were responsible for his death. This accusation is fueled in part by narratives regarding a pool of blood found in the field not far from the bodies of both FBI agents and appeared to indicate something, or somebody bleeding had been pulled up the hill to near were Joe Stunt's body was found. NFIC has found no on or off the record subjects which would or could confirm such accusations. AIM leader Vernon Bellecourt is attributed as the source of Joe Stuntz' additional name, "Killsright."

Joe Stuntz is then married to Ida Charles, the sister of Norman Charles. Both Norman Charles and Stuntz are allegedly with Peltier, in Peltier's vehicle when FBI agents pull into the Jumping Bull Compound behind him according to Dusty Nelson. Norman Charles is described to NFIC as a basket case because of the Jumping Bull Compound events -- the Charles' come from the Jamestown and Lower Elwha Reservation areas of Washington state, north of the Port Madison Reservation, Kitsap County region where Peltier and Banks fled in November of 1975 to John Chiquiti's.

FBI agents Jack Coler, and Ron Williams are shot from a distant, wounded and then executed at close range, for which Peltier is later convicted.

June 27, 1975: (MOTIVE #10)
Jean Day, Theda Nelson Clark and Annie Mae return to Oglala. According to FBI records, David Hill, Anthony Ament and others are alleged to have bombed the Mt. Rushmore Tourist Center on this day. According to NFIC research Annie Mae is not at the Jumping Bull Compound at the time of the shoot-out, despite claims by Canadian Micmac tribal members that Annie Mae later called her sisters in Nova Scotia and in the Micmac language told them "she had seen Peltier shoot the agents." One possible explanation may be that Annie Mae was describing the same scene in November 1975 that KaMook Nichols testified about, and which her sister Bernie Nichols (Lafferty) confirmed, in which Peltier bragged, and re-enacted the shooting of the agents while they were all fugitives in Washington.


July, 1975:
Annie Mae is back and forth between Oglala and Crow Dog's Paradise.

July 2, 1975:
Robideau, Butler, Peltier and others arrive at Crow Dogs Paradise at Rosebud.

July 6, 1975:
Search warrant is issued for 1014 Milwaukee Street, Rapid City in conjunction with an investigation of the Mt. Rushmore bombing, the residence of Thelma Rios-Conroy, David Hill and second apartment of Anthony Ament who is married to Connie, the sister of Thelma Rios.

July 7, 1975:
Search warrant is served on 1014 Milwaukee Street and several hundred pieces of evidence is seized in conjunction with RESMURS FBI agent shooting case and bombing of Mt. Rushmore. Charges of possession of a firearm with obliterated serial number, unlawful possession of firearms and transportation of firearms are filed against Harry David Hill with additional narratives citing his previous indictment for assault with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit arson for charges in the Custer riot case.

July 9, 1975:
FBI SAC Richard Held, allegedly one of the architects of COINTELPRO for the FBI, in a teletype to the FBI Director notes “the Mount Rushmore problem is over.”

July 11, 1975:
United States Attorney Michael T. Milligan enters a motion to dismiss charges against Harry David Hill for charges filed July 7 on the “grounds and for the reason that the best interest of justice will be served.”

July 18, 1975:

According to several newspaper accounts Vernon Bellecourt calls a press conference and appears with FBI informer, Bernie Morning Gun in Helena, Montana and gives other informers an unconditional amnesty for 30 days, or "AIM will take things into their own hands."


July 25, 1975:
The fingerprints of David Hill are identified in FBI reports from evidence seized at Jumping Bull compound.

July 26, 1975:
Banks convicted on Custer charges.


August 5, 1975:
Leonard Crow Dog sentenced to 13 years in prison, but the Judge suspends the sentence and he is placed on probation. Holder and Camp fail to appear at sentencing and warrants are issued for arrest. Dennis Banks goes underground to avoid being sentenced on the Custer riot charges on this day.

First week of August, 1975:
During the Sun Dance at Crow Dog's Paradise: Leonard Crow Dog publicly confronts Annie Mae about being an FBI informant, but apparently only after she chewed him out about all the partying, drinking and allowing the use of drugs at the Paradise.

August, 1975:
Annie Mae moves to Diane (Leonard Crow Dogs sister) and Al Running's household a quarter of a mile from Crow Dog's Paradise because of the accusations of her being an informant. (Al Running testifies at a Peltier appeal hearing a few years later and admits he has been working for years as an FBI informant according to the late William Kunstler in the 1991 book Ohitika Woman by Mary Crow Dog - Brave Bird).


September 2, 1975:
Beck/McCloskey assaulted at Crow Dogs.

September 5, 1975: (MOTIVE #11)
FBI raid at Al and Diane Running's (Crow Dog's sister) and Crow Dog's Paradise: Arrest of Annie Mae and Dino Butler and many others. Robert Robideau had left the day before with KaMook Banks and her sister Bernie Nichols. Annie Mae interrogated by FBI and in particular by SA David Price about the death of Jeannette Bisonette, the shot which killed her coming from the homestead of Ted Lame's across the road from Jumping Bull Compound. Annie Mae and Melvin Lee Houston are two people at Ted Lame's the day Bisonette is allegedly shot because some AIM members believe she is giving information to the GOONs. Annie Mae bonds out of jail after 2 or 3 days. Members of the American Indian Movement claim FBI agent David Price threatens Annie Mae saying she would not live out the year if she doesn't cooperate with them. The raid is based on a federal arrest warrant for Al Running, Leonard Crow Dog and others for assault on two people after an altercation at Crow Dog's Paradise Sept. 2.

September 8, 1975:
Annie Mae bonds out of jail after appearing before a U.S. magistrate on 10% of a $5,000 bond.

September 10, 1975:
Station wagon carrying AIM members burns up on Kansas turnpike. AR-15 that the FBI identification lab later ties to Leonard Peltier in 1977 by comparing the ejection of the shell scratches, is recovered in car. According to FBI lab report labeled PC-M1771 “None of the ammunition components recovered at the RESMURS case could be associated with K40” (This AR-15 is labeled K40 throughout lab reports). In addition, according to an October 2, 1975 FBI document, “The firing pin of the AR (K40) is different than rifle used at RESMURS scene.” These FBI documents later become the most contentious of documents in the evidence used against Leonard Peltier, but are reviewed with additional testimony by expert witnesses during the appeal process that turns down Peltier appeals for a new trial. Based on evidence that the ejector device has left similar scratches on shells ejected from K40 at the Jumping Bull Compound the government's witnesses conclude that the AR-15, or at least its ejector device is the same one used with the gun that killed their two FBI agents.

According to Peter Matthiessen. . . Al Running . . . was appearing in FBI documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. According to an FBI teletype to nine field officers in regard to the weapons recovered from Robideau's car outside Wichita, “Al Running has advised that Supra Colt .223 AR-15 rifle is probably weapon utilized by Leonard Peltier to kill deceased {special agents}.” Robert Robideau, KaMook Nichols and others charged and held in Kansas.

September 12, 1975:
Annie Mae, Nilak Butler and Norman Brown leave Rapid City for Denver, with John Stewart driving. They board plane next day to go to California. FBI records indicate John Stewart (AKA Blue Lake) is cooperating with the FBI and provides signed statements to them, as well as identifying subjects for their investigation into the RESMURS case. Stewart identifies Peltier as coming to his house (owned by Dorthy Brings Him Back) in Oglala the morning of June 26, 1975, the morning of the shoot-out and leaving about a half hour before the shoot-out begins to go back to the Jumping Bull Compound.

This narrative is consistent with both Peltier's original story to Peter Matthiesson, (See different Views June 26, 1975) and published in his book, and statements by Dorothy Brings Him Back. It is not until 1994 and the advent of Peltier's clemency application to President Clinton, and a book later produced by Harvey Arden that a new alibi, about Peltier attempting to save some children on June 26, 1975 emerges.  Peter Matthiesson turns out to have been a CIA agent working for the United States Government undercover in England spying on groups funding activists in the United States before he began writing books.

September 12, 1975:
John Star Yellow Wood (Dusty Nelson) is the subject of March 6, 1995 Affidavit of retired Denver police officer Alan Lester Jones referring to this date. Nelson later describes in a recorded transcript that he is at Wanda Siers and June Little's house on top of hill at Jumping Bull Compound when Peltier, Joe Stuntz and Norman Charles return from Oglala in Peltier's vehicle. Nelson says that Peltier is being followed by two FBI agent cars as he arrives at compound and the agents follow his vehicle down the hill shortly before the shoot-out begins. Nelson proposes that the FBI agents recognized Peltier as he turned into the compound or from being in Oglala earlier that morning.

September 13, 1975:
FBI pick up Annie Mae and Nilak Butler getting off plane in Los Angeles, questioned and released. Butler's car is later reported stolen from airport by parents. Leonard Peltier and Dennis Banks are allegedly in Los Angles and are believed to have come to the airport to pick up Aquash and Butler.


October 3-8 ?, 1975:
Annie Mae and David Hill drive Marlon Brando's motor home from California to Utah then to Chadron, Nebraska. Vehicle is stashed for several days in Chadron while members of AIM prepare for Columbus Day bombings on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

October 10-14, 1975: (MOTIVE #12)
Harry David Hill, Annie Mae, Dennis Banks and others are involved in several bombings in the Pine Ridge area according to KaMook Nichols. Hill allegedly harasses Annie Mae about being an informant and forces her to make bombs so that her fingerprints would be on them, which according to legal theories proposed by AIM attorneys would implicate the government in any criminal planning conspiracy. The group leaves for Oregon shortly after, being joined by Kenny Loud Hawk in a white station wagon. Russ Redner joins the group in Washington. The FBI identifies the bombs as similar as those found in search warrant of July 6-7, 1975 in Rapid City, S.D. in which a warrant for David Hill is served.

October 11, 1975:
John Stewart is listed as a potential prosecution witness and through other information is identified by Bruce Ellison and others of the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee as an informant allegedly reporting to FBI agent David Price.