The summer of 2017 may be instrumental in activities designed to force Enbridge to agree to remove and clean up Line #3 in Minnesota before they are granted a permit to replace the line, either in the existing easement, or a new one proposed that would travel through several wild rice lakes.

In addition, Enbridge faces issues with Line #5 across the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation and a renewal of easements on Line #61, while at the same time, increasing the companies easement from 85 to 200 feet in order to accommodate the Twine Line #66 proposal. Here is some information on upcoming events surrounding the July 2017 pipeline awareness events in Wisconsin. Promo Video of up-coming events below:

The LIVE Broadcast of the Pipeline Horse Awareness Ride on both Thursday July 13th from approximately 8-10pm and the Live Broadcast from Tom's Burned Down Cafe on Friday June 14th from approximately 7-10pm can be found on the digital player below that will go live. Click "Livesteam" on the bottom to go direction to our IndianCountryTV Livestream site and get your own links and embedded players. LIVE Broadcast Digital Player Below:

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Join ICTV and our LIVESTREAM studio to view 8 new files from the Enbridge Line #5 Landowners Meeting. This Event File is NOW REBROADCASTING over 37 files from Great Lakes Pipeline events from 2017 to 2020.

What are Community Rights?

June 16, 2015
Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin