It ain’t easy being Indian…(April 2019)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

My recent grocery list: honey, jalapenos, tortillas, bananas, eggs, butter n chz, tortillas chips, cinnamon bread and regurgitate (?) My friends were helping me shop and asked what was next on my list and read ‘regurgitate’. LMAO! O my the looks I got from them! After laughing I told them I wrote that word down because I wanted to use it in a future column. I carry around a little notepad because I have to jot down whatever is in my head at the moment or I lose it. It was so absurd that they both pulled their phones out and took a pic of my list. Since then my friends have not let it go, teasing me.

I thank the Creator for friends. In the midst of my loss and misery they were there for me, I bless and pray for them. We all need friends even me with my introvert ‘I like being alone with my cats and dog’ self. I’ve had many people in my life who turned out to be fake friends but many more who are the real thing. Not to sound like a sappy meme but I want to be the kind of friend I need. My People, we don’t always know who is suffering and hiding it so I recommend a big hug in good times too no matter what.

We are gonna all need each other in the times to come. I hereby christen the 45 administration as the “Avalanche of Evil” due to the destruction of civil rights that has already happened to us as a nation and the focus on immigrants being a caravan of crime. I can’t write the words of how I feel about that so I’ll call out BS. The people who are so impoverished that they are immigrating are victims of the United States playing capitalist gods are only leaving and making an arduous journey here are first of all Indigenous to this continent unlike the Pink people whose ancestors came here in boats, illegally.

I almost bite my cheeks whenever I read about or see militant Pink people moaning and crying about the brown ‘invaders’. Well, lemme tell ya, I know all about invaders. Ahem! This land is NOT your land. These massive continents north and south are Indigenous Homelands. Nothing the descendants of the invaders can do or say changes the truth. It is my belief that deep down and unacknowledged they recognize this and are therefore more frightened about what may happen when Pink people become the minority.

That we don’t do to them what they did to us. I include here all the colonized nations who, in the face of racism and hate are coming up into positions of (colonized) power and saying, “O no, not today!” Haha! Their underdraw’s are tightening around their hypocrisy. Makes me wonder how it came to be the Pinks came to be so revengeful. Did we brown and black people push them back into their Neantherthal caves and said don’t come back out till you’ve learned your lesson? Ya’ll are too hateful. And shave sometimes, ick. That fur/hair is nasty and yooz know it or it wouldn’t be a billion dollar industry.

AND, why yooz gotta get a tan at the risk of your lives? I personally think that’s it’s odd and then yooz discriminate against we whom are born naturally brown. It just now hit me: yooz want to look like us but don’t want to be us. Because we are oppressed and yooz are not. Brown and Black are beautiful. I remember an Alice Walker book where a woman gave birth to a white child and it was banished and then vowed to return to destroy his people. Years ago I was arrested (but not charged) and kicked out of a hotel for trashing a hotel room. What I did was tear out pages of a bible and yelled, “LIES, LIES!” My Unk picked me up and said he was told Pink people were the youngest of we humans, and that I got punished.

That said, I don’t have much hope for the human ‘race’ such as we are. I feel we are falling into the devices of our own demise. There are many Indigenous prophecies that say this too so I don’t feel too bad about it. It’s happened before over the millennia so I don’t fear it. I think we are in for some um…interesting times. I only hope the electricity lasts so I can watch in real time.

Our Mother Earth is not putting up with our crimes against her anymore. So love, hug, dance and enjoy what we have been gifted with.


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