It ain’t easy being Indian… (April 2018)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

The Cat of the Month features The RZA. (Yes, as in Wu Tang Clan) I have a thing for musical geniuses. I was feeling all salty, grumpy, sad and stabby before he came sat on my lap and purred and kissed all that away. Well, for now.

I was gonna lay all the darkness in my mind on yooz and because RZA was like, no Maw, let me give you some loving and yanno what? It worked. RZA is Purrince’s brother and I have a Tupac and Lenny Katvitz who are rescue cats. Imagine me yelling their names in my house! I get all het up sometimes and go through all of them before I get the right one just like an exasperated ole Maw.

If only that were the only major concern in my life! No, I have to go and watch news, read their news sites and then see more on facebook that only cause me pain and distress and I can’t stop. I’ve read how some people have ‘unplugged’ from social media and non-stop negative news and that it helped center them again and I’m having to consider doing that despite my need to know. I need a soundproof room and sage to recover from all the chaos we are experiencing.

Know that I’m not concerned about my own shabby hide. It really gets to me that on our current path to self-destruction we will take along the innocent who had no part in this atrocity against our Mother; all the sentient beings that are being exterminated who had no say in their demise. Like Sudan, the last male white rhinoceros that recently died. Then there was a story and photo of a 4 year old boy emigrating from Syria to Jordan by himself with nothing in his bag but clothing of his murdered mother and sister. I. Just. Can’t.

I already have trauma in my Indigenous DNA and so this is not unfamiliar to me but the general population’s ‘well so what? It doesn’t affect me’ state of short sighted idiocy burns me up. I ask, “What if it IS you?” I don’t know that empathy can be taught but I do know most white people were born with privilege that blinds them to the darkness their ancestors if not them directly and violently created.

Good thing for all of us there many more ‘Woke’ people who are not feeding that cultural monster of hate and division. Yes, I see you; I recognize and sincerely appreciate your conscious decision to be better more aware humans and that we are all in this together. Early humans depended on each other for survival and then went on to create the arts, music and stories that have lasted thousands of years. I feel we’re letting them down with the stupidity of Pop culture. *vomit emoticon* O! I get it. Pop culture is there to distract us from the real issues.

Sigh. Which me to the fact I watched “60 Minutes” on March 24. Yeah, that episode with Anderson Cooper. ;) It wasn’t for the salacious details but rather the undercurrent of what the moldy old orange monster was doing during the thick of it. “IT” signed a bill that denies transsexuals from serving in the military, signed: Cadet Bone Spurs. And the wannabee dictator still wants his military parade and a wall. Pick one willya? Or better yet, just resign and we can go on from there.

Ole White-ass Mike is a known danger but we get him. We just have to appeal to “Mother” and she may relay our message to him for worldwide peace and the end of hunger. I just made myself laugh. Survival humor. If yer white you don’t get it. JS.

I don’t often go off on such a disjointed tangent as I just have. LOL! I always do that. After all this I want one thing: that yooz all carry some paper with you so you can record everything or a few thoughts that occur to you during the day and night. Your words will be precious to your children and theirs too. Don’t do like I did when I wrote on a bar napkin a brilliant idea that would have broken me out of the poverty cycle and then during the night I snotted into it and so here I sit. Hai!!! It said, “mgnethshtposua” it was blurred and sticky.

Such is life. So here I sit in Rezberry with a blank plane ticket to nowhere and hiding anyway. I think I will visit where my psycho imagination takes me into the cosmos. I hope to see my crush there; Stephen Hawking. Say ‘Hi’ to Nikola for me I hope to see yooz soon. In this reality or another dimension. That’s all I have.

Support or NFIC. Thank YOU!!