It ain’t easy being Indian… (November 2017)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

At this writing I woke to a Winter Wonderland. Yeah, the meteorologists did predict snow coming but somehow, even after a lifetime spent in Da Nort’land, it’s still a big deal. Just last week on the same day I was sitting outside in shorts with my dear friend Lorri with our two little pooches Caesar and Mitzi gamboling about on a leaf-littered green lawn enjoying the day. We laughed, talked and had to hide from a nosey neighbor and all was perfect. Sigh.

I knew it was the very last day we would get to enjoy like it in this calendar year and that made it especially bittersweet. We got what is called “Indian Summer” which is shortened like everything else the colonists left us, why is that? Can’t they share regular summer? Geez. They just greedily took it all and left us on lands not wanted in the treaty days but that is changing. Watch out.

So the snow which is still falling is sooooo pretty but it also took out my satellite. I don’t know what to do. ;) I do like the first snowfall mainly because I don’t have to shovel but I like the last snow better cuz then spring is coming. Until then my friends bundle up and burrow in.

Rezberry hosts annual dinners for the ‘Elders’ and I now happen to qualify. Yay! I made it this far! The Tribe made the best venison I’ve ever eaten with delicious sides and the Fond du Lac Rez Historical Society put on a slide show of older photographs for the attendees. It was a lot of fun seeing people because I don’t get out and about often so there was that and $25 bucks too! I told a former co-worker that I dyed my hair so I wouldn’t look old at the Elders dinner, lol! Still vain but I’m not the only one, there was plenty of “Indian Black” hair colors there too including men.

Well someone (Miigwech!) plowed the driveway so I can get used to the trudge-walk I adopt for this weather. I can now go get my mail hoping that some thieving little Rez rats didn’t get to it before I do. Might be a check in there, I always have hope.

I was at a local pub waiting for a friend to show up when I overheard an irate white man saying he would rather burn up his cabin than let the Indians have it. Apparently he is or was on the town school board and is well known to people other than me. He appeared to have a very comfortable existence considering his bulk and being able to speak his mind without any censure except from another white man who said if the guy did burn a cabin it would be considered arson but even that didn’t shut him up.

The case in point is the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe in Minnesota did not renew the leases for non-band members on the lake. The Tribe needs the land for their own members for whom housing is scarce so they can have homes…on their own lands. I say here that against my own nature I did not engage him because I wanted to hear everything he had to say about white people getting kicked off land.

Irony much? I had to hold in a crow of laughter and not smile with glee. Keep talking big colonial man; there isn’t anything you can do about it. Which brings me to the entitled ones; those of white privilege with their pallid, pink skins. I am very obviously Indian even though I don’t wear regalia every day to prove it. He definitely saw me listening to him but he still felt comfortable enough to expound his racist views without anyone, including me, to disagree with him. I already stated why I held off previously.

What I’m saying racism is something every person who is not white has experienced every day in their lives. For the record, it really sucks and I hate it. Because it’s nonsensical to an aware, informed well-read HUMAN BEING that there is anything such as ‘race’ at all. Like organized religion racial differences are a construct created by the white colonists all over the globe for natural resources and control of them. Think of those who have the wealth and by doing so are destroying our Mother.

They must be planning to move to that second Moon Earth has leaving us to clean up their ugly, poisonous mess. Good riddance. See how them Aliens greet you greedy, hateful, disgusting facsimiles of earth creatures aka the 1%.

For the dear readers who wrote me, I’m a terrible correspondent and I apologize. My broken ass right arm impedes me too-not an excuse. I’ll do better. Much love!!!


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