It ain’t easy being Indian… (October 2017)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

My big black ‘kitten’ The RZA (who is only four years old) was walking in front of me in the hallway with his tail up high and clearly wanting something like treats or whatever and I said to him, “You have all that food, clean water and a soft bed!” I stopped in my tracks and felt terrible for the millions of Americans in Puerto Rico who don’t have that security.   

Ahem! Excuse me while I take my anxiety meds. I’ve been in plenty of blizzards, flooding and tornadoes but the magnitude of what Hurricane Maria inflicted on PR is beyond devastating to say the least. What worries me most is that another such anomaly weather-wise will hit them again just as they begin to recover from Irma & Maria due to climate change (IMHO). I wonder if these types of catastrophes are just the harbingers of what’s to come.   

I cry for my fellow sentient beings. I do not as a practice say to myself, “Self! At least you’re not homeless, starving ‘insert any 3rd world country and I include US Indian Reservations here’ or disease ridden people with no access to health care. Yeah. I get to be warm and dry, I can call people and let them know I’m all right and sleep comfortably even with my physical pain. So I don’t really have anything to complain about except how my Taino descended relatives are being treated by the US Government headed by the most disgusting White Supremacist ever. And there have been too many. 

Just in case you missed any of my dozens of column references about how I was in Hurricane Wilma in Mexico on the Riviera Maya ;) in 2005 here you go again. Yikes. I just now had to grow gills again remembering the humidity. Well, before we were shuttled to a hurricane shelter on the resort grounds I put in a call to my only child to basically say ‘goodbye’ because I didn’t have any clue as how things were to go. Just wondering if I would see him and my family again was tortuous.   

That is where all of our fellow Puerto Rican American citizens are right now, in that grey cloud of uncertainty of knowing that their loved ones know they are all right; for now. I saw a piece on the Governor of PR saying that 45 have been in touch with him and offered support. I can’t say that I believe 45 because PR is mostly brown people and sadly Thee Olde Dotard is not a fan of naturally tanned people. Prove me wrong and I will hand write a letter to you stating this.   

Then, into my little nest of comfort, is that not only North Korea but also Venezuela dusting off their war kits in anticipation of US aggression. REALLY really??? Can we just plz all go back to hunting/gathering/gardening/bartering? This capitalistic society is simply not working for all humanity and in my honest opinion is killing us. Even if we laid off the nuclear bombs and plants where would they go? I think of that character from the TV series “Lost” who kept pushing the keyboard to prevent being obliterated. So, where do we go from here?   

My Indigenous Peoples worldwide already had it all in control until colonists from tiny islands and fiefdoms in Europe thought they had a better plan. Divide and conquer which they did with efficient vicious genocidal tactics. Which brings me to this; I watched a facebook interview of a survivor of Nazi torture actually forgive her tormentor Mengele. Truth be told I’m not there, I’m not at that point nor do I think I ever will be considering the centuries of hate, genocide, torture and lies the colonists have inflicted to we Indigenous Peoples that is still going on right now. And for what? To benefit the filthy millionaires who support sucking every sacred minerals and oil from Our Mother they can for the benefit of wealth now. Wow. And the Christians believe in an afterlife? Good luck (not) in Hell then.   

Peace be upon you my Kin. In the direct tunnel of hateful flames we will still carry on by dancing, singing, praying and doing what we always have. Depending on each other for help when we need it. I really need it now more than ever, medically.   

I have taken so many people into my home when they had none. They all let me down bigly. Yet I am still empathetic to those who need help, right now. When will I ever learn? HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAAH!   

Still, I am gonna donate a big $10 bucks for Puerto Rico. I do what I can.   

BTW-I’m going as an Indian for Halloween, buckskin n all!


Support or NFIC. Thank YOU!!