Blessed revisit from the Hollywoods

by Jim Northrup
News From Indian Country

Once again this Rez was blessed by a visit from some of the Hollywoods who visited last December when they were filming the movie Older Than America.

Adam Beach and Georgina Lightning were two of the Hollywoods who came to the Rez to play golf in the Adam Beach Golf Classic. The purpose of the Classic is to raise money for Adam’s Foundation and for reservation veterans. Notah Begay, the professional golfer, was there to give lessons and sign autographs.

My wife and I were hired as the Official Host and Hostess for the event held at the Rez golf course. Our duties were pretty simple. I just stood at the front door and said, “Hi, how are ya? Hi, how are ya?” to the arriving golfers. After a great breakfast we got into our golf cart and rode around the course smiling at the people. Because it was a veterans event I hung a red Marine Corps flag on our cart.

When I saw Georgina I asked when the movie was coming out. She said now it will be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. I think those doings will be held in January of 2008. We shall see what we shall see and when we shall see it.

It is unknown how much money was raised for the Rez veterans because the accountants are still accounting the money.

Because we were the Host and Hostess we were issued VIP passes for the evening meal and comedy show. I’ve never been a VIP before so I didn’t really know how to act. I just faked it.

The meal was good and Don Burnstick was really funny. His comedy went on and on for an hour. Everyone was laughing as he talked about Indian stuff.

Adam Beach came out and thanked us all for coming. He presented awards to the award winning golfers. All in all it was a great event. I hope they have the Adam Beach Golf Classic here again in the years to come.


Beneshiikwe, Raina, came to stay with us for a while. She is nine years old and lives up this HUD house. She is a girly-girl. When she wants something from me all she does is ask me in her little girl voice, she tilts her head towards one shoulder, smiles into my eyes and says, “Please grampa” and I give in every time.

Raina is in the third grade and I can tell she will not have much trouble in school. She reads well above her grade level and I can hardly wait to introduce her to some of the things I have written.

Yup, living with Beneshiikwe brightens up this place.


Fond du Lac Follies motored to the Red Cliff Reservation to take part in their event called Our Future, Our Children’s Future. The event happened on August 24th and was held at the Isle Vista Casino grounds in Red Cliff.

It was a warm day when I motored to the doings in that beautiful ‘64 Corvette. I had the top down and listened to the pleasant rumble of the exhausts. I jumped on I-35 near the Black Bear Casino and in just minutes I was crossing the Bong Bridge into Wisconsin. I idled through Superior, Soup Town, as it is sometimes called. I took Highway 13 east along the south shore of Lake Superior. I crossed the bridges over the little creeks that empty into that great lake. One had an interesting name, it was called Lake Creek. There must be a story about why that creek was called Lake Creek.

All too soon I arrived in Red Cliff. As I was parking the Corvette a Shinnob came up and told me he was glad I brought our car back. I told him I had just spent a huge chunk of money getting the transmission fixed. I told him he owed me exactly ingodwaak daswaabik for his half.

I walked up to the doings and right away I saw Andy Gokee, hadn’t seen him in a couple of years so we played catch-up.

The keynote speaker, D.J. Eagle Bear Vanas, was speaking. He was advertised as the motivational speaker. My turn was right after his talk so I wandered over to the Isle Vista Casino to see if they were giving away money. They were and I walked out smiling.

My turn to talk came and I told some stories that had the crowd laughing and wanting to cry. It was good, felt connected to my fellow Shinnobs.

I spent the night at a palatial motel on the shore of Lake Superior. I slept good and woke up then motored home in that beautiful Corvette.

I weaved through the deer on the way home.

Mii iw.