We went to record the 1st Annual Pow wow in the Penokees at the public campgrounds on Moore Park Road near the site of one of the world's largest proposed mining projects. All 11 tribes in Wisconsin oppose the project as well as 75% of those in nearby Ashland County and the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation.
Remembering  our veterans and their families at the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation on Monday, May 26, 2014 on Memorial Day. Speakers included LCO Vice Chair Rusty Barber, MC, Chairman Mic Isham and keynote speaker Gordon C. Thayer at the LCO Veterans Memorial on the corners of Highways B and K on the LCO Reservation.
Join ICTV on a walk around the new and old Harvest Education Learning Project (HELP) research village grounds. We check out the on-going efforts to rebuild HELP on private lands as a stopping point of information, mapping and observing the phenology of the region. Then across the street to the old HELP site in search of the illusive Mr. Leeky. With Paul DeMain in the Penokees.
Join us for the the 1st Annual Penokee Pancake and Penokee Gold Maple Syrup Festival celebrating the 1st year anniversary of HELP, the Harvest Educational Learning Project in the Penokee Mountains of Northern, Wisconsin.
Elder Joe Rose of the Bad River Ojibwe conducts a tree tapping ceremony in the Penokee Mountains Heritage Park and HELP (Harvest Educational Learning Project) Research Center for the Chippewa Federation on Moore Park Road, Iron County,Wisconsin on Saturday, March 15, 2014.
Join IndianCountryTV.com at the 1st Summit of The Federation of United Tribes, Sat. March 1st and Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 at the Ho-Chunk Casino and Convention Center, Baraboo, Wisconsin.
Join with ICTV for a rebroadcast of the 2014 Lac Courte Oreilles Mid-Winter Forum on Self-Sustaining Economies, Protecting Local Resources and Treaty Rights, Local Harvesting, Ordinances and Zoning. 1st Video Module and opening by Paul DeMain, Harvest Education Learning Project  (HELP) Spokesperson and then Ojibwe Elder Dennis White with an opening prayer at 4:00.  LCO Council ChairpersonMic Isham at 18:00 welcomes guests and then a team presentation at 35:00 entitled "Blueprint for a Thriving Sustainable Economy" and guided by Washburn Mayor, Scott Griffiths, Claire Hintz and The Alliance for Sustainability.   (1Hour 28 minutes)
Take a snow shoe walk into the "Forbidden Zone" of Gogebic Taconite (Gtac) in the Penokee Range of Northern Wisconsin, home to a proposed massive open pit operation that threatens the water and treaty resources of the Ojibwe ceded territory.