On Tuesday February 24th, 2015 the Iron County Board of Supervisors in Northern Wisconsin renewed and amended lease agreement to the so-called Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) Mining Company. The Board after discussion, voted 8-7 in favor of the amended new lease after the company defaulted and was unable to pay the $10,000 annual lease due on January 26th, for the rental of county lands for their tailings and waste disposal site.
FEBRUARY 17, 2015 (REBROADCASTING) Honor the Earth joins One Billion Rising and the Women's Congress for an evening of conversation and music highlighting the intersection of extreme extraction and violence against Native women.

Join Winona LaDuke, of Honor The Earth,  Eve Ensler (author of Vagina Monologues, founder of One Billion Rising), and Louise Erdrich (Chippewa novelist, owner of Birch Bark Books) and Patina Clark for a discussion on the connection between extreme fossil fuel extraction in the Bakken oil fields of ND and the Tar Sands of Alberta, and the sex trafficking of Native women and girls. This has become an epidemic that is largely ignored by the mainstream media.
#1: Posted Feb. 10th - Opening Welcome at Joint Mining Impact Committee Meeting Feb. 3, 2015 on the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation. (9min53sec)

#2: Posted Feb. 12 -  25 minutes of Committee discussion

Bad River Chairman Mike Wiggins extends an invitation for the entire Iron County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors to attend an up-coming Feb. 3, 2015 Joint Mining Impact Committee meeting on the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation. In doing so, Wiggins apologizes for past critical remarks and promotes the idea that as a region, the Bad River Tribe and Iron County need to work together in order to overcome issues of employment and technology in the northwoods of Wisconsin.
Welcome to the HELP (Harvest Education Learning Project) 2015 update with some video of past and current events.  Don’t forget that on Saturday February 28th, 2015 around noon there will be a second anniversary Tree Tapping Feast and Ceremony conducted by Bad River Ojibwe Elder Joe Rose Sr. at HELP.
Join IndianCountryTV.com on the Red Cliff Ojibwe Reservation for three days of discussion, perspectives and potential ideas for alternatives to Mining.

Join us Wednesday January 7th (REBROADCASTING BELOW)


Friday January 9th, discussion with elders. (REBROADCASTING)
An afternoon class and a second evening general presentation.

Afternoon Session
By Kimberlie Acosta
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Brothers, Niizhoo Sullivan, 10, and Preston Sullivan, 7 got the honor to sing for President Barack Obama at the opening of the 2014 White House Tribal Nations Conference on December 3rd, 2014.