IHS says Rosebud hospital won’t be closed

Sioux Falls, South Dakota (AP) 1-09

A spokesman for the Indian Health Service said the agency has no plans to close its hospital in Rosebud.

The Rosebud Comprehensive Health Care Facility is facing budget constraints as are other IHS facilities, but a recent news report of a possible closing was incorrect, said Ray Grandbois, a public affairs liaison at the Aberdeen Area IHS office.

“They’re struggling but we still continue to fund it and there’s no way we plan to close it because there’s a large service population there that is entitled to services, and we’re trying to provide as many services as we can with the funds we have available,” he said.

Any closing would require a one-year notice to Congress, Grandbois said.

A labor union representing employees at the hospital issued a statement in which it said workers were notified of an impending closure.