Indigenous Seeds by author Al Amanacer

Review By Dawn Karima Pettigrew
News From Indian Country 11-08

Author Al Amanacer tackles the tough issues of addiction and recovery within the Native American community throughout the pages of Indigenous Seeds. This novel follows the path of Dan Crow, who attempts to find a good road for his own life by attending powwows, sweat lodges and sacred ceremonies. As this character progresses in his own path of wholeness, he begins to help other Native American people and to increase his personal knowledge of Indigenous culture as he encourages others.

Amanacer depicts each aspect of his protagonist’s life in detail. He demonstrates the manner in which recovery and wholeness permeate personal relationships, spirituality and eventually impact the individual’s entire community. Dan Crow’s efforts to alter lives and to improve them lead him to work tirelessly to end the patterns of addiction and brokenness that plague his people during this story.

Filled with dialogue and detail, Indigenous Seeds presents the problems that evoke addiction and the process that ends it. A revival of spirituality and unity arises from the events illustrated by this book. Indigenous Seeds proffers hope for those who have evaded addiction, overcome addiction or who work to help others to escape from addiction.

Indigenous Seeds by Al Amanacer. Philadelphia: Xlibris, 2008, 445 pages, hardcover ISBN#: 978-1-5992-6048-8 $31.49, paper ISBN: 978-1-5992-6047-1  $21.24.