Moontie encourages students at Hopi Jr/Sr High

By Stan Bindell
Polacca, Arizona (NFIC) 11-08

Moontie Sinquah and his two sons, who are world reknowned performers, gave a concert to students and staff at Hopi Jr/Sr High School recently as the school’s reward for making Adequate Yearly Progress.

AYP is the measurement used for all schools to see if they meet state and federal standards.

Sinquah’s sons, Cameron and Scott, performed individual hoop dances after the trio performed drum songs. The two sons attend Hopi High School.

Sinquah said he wants to encourage students to do well in school so they can return to their reservations to help others.

“There are a lot of choices in life and there is no book on growing up,” he said.

Sinquah told the students that drugs and alcohol are not helpful toward anything they want to accomplish.

Sinquah and his sons have performed in Europe, Malaysia and Canada as well as various points throughout America.


Sinquah, who is Hopi, told students to find a career they like whether it’s carving, singing, dancing or something else. He added that students should know that people are always watching them to see if they are taking the right action.

Sinquah said the students should find a way to hold onto their cultural identify.

“When I was at a drum contest at the cultural center I saw that young people have a lot of talent,” he said.

Sinquah recently produced his music on his own label, Moontie’s Monsterhouse.

“If not for my family I wouldn’t be as strong as I am,” he said.

He urged the students to rely on their immediate and extended family when they go off to college and whenever they need help with life.

“A lot are willing to help. You just have to ask them,” he said.

Sinquah told the students that the drumbeat represents the heartbeat of the earth to many people throughout the world. He also told a story about how men play the flute when they try to date women.

“If they weren’t accepted, the men would blame the flute,” he joked.

Sinquah told the students that every day of life is a gift.

“Tell yourself that you love yourself,” he said.

Sinquah has been nominated for a NAMMY. His CDs can be purchased through Hopi Junior High Principal Albert Sinquah or at Drumbeat in Phoenix.

Sinquah, who resides in Low Mountain, has a vision that his group will get bigger with more musicians and a light show that eventually will be seen on the big screen.