Southern Sun: “Third Degree Burn” by Thundercuts Productions

C.D. Review By Michael Sullivan Sr.
News From Indian Country 11-08

There is a general rule that can usually be applied when determining good southern-style powwow music from bad southern-style music. That rule is: good southern-style powwow music tends to come from the southern plains powwow country, or in other words, Oklahoma and the area immediately surrounding Oklahoma.

Southern Sun is a rare exception to that rule. Based out of the Lumbee Nation in North Carolina, Southern Sun is a young, explosive southern-style group with a surprisingly “Oklahoma” southern sound.

The sound of Southern Sun could be described as a mixture of classic southern styles such as Yellowhammer and Cozad, mixed with the more modern contemporary southern styles of Youngbird and Southern Boyz. The sound is all their own and Southern Sun has earned its spot amongst southern music’s fresh and up-and-coming groups. 

“Third Degree Burn” contains 14 tracks sure to keep the listener entertained and sure to keep the skeptics and critics breaking that general rule of judgment. The songs all contain that signature Oklahoma sound and the singing is equally as impressive. The album begins with an intertribal by Chris Conner, the group’s most noted song composer. The song is sure to be a favorite and you just might find yourself hitting the repeat button on your stereo. A good mixture of songs adds to the album’s appeal; intertribals, round dances, and fancy songs are all included.

Clear, booming leads, strong seconds, and an arsenal of freshly delivered songs makes “Third Degree Burn” a worthy addition to any powwow music lover’s library. Outside of Oklahoma, Southern Sun is arguably the best sounding southern group to emerge for quite some time. Though they don’t come from Oklahoma, these boys are from the south and their music couldn’t be more “southern.”

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