Students, General Mills employees put together Red Lake cookbook

Red Lake, Minnesota (AP) 3-08

Students on the Red Lake Chippewa Reservation have put together a cookbook with the help of a General Mills employee group.

The company’s American Indian Council, which consists of employees with American Indian heritage, donated $20,000 for the project and worked with the students to complete “The Taste of Red Lake Cookbook.”

High school junior Rob Pemberton Jr. said students had fun working on the project.


“The cookbook is a positive symbol of the Red Lake Nation, and it teaches other communities about traditional food from Red Lake,” he said.

Xerox Corp. has donated the printing for the first 1,800 books, which will be released during an assembly at Red Lake High School.

The cookbook includes traditional and contemporary recipes collected from families and friends, along with nutritional information.

The books will sell for $10, with profits going toward a community picnic, scholarships and school improvements.